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Optical Gas Imaging iBook Guide

optical gas imaging ebook

FLIR Systems has published a free dynamic iBook version of its popular Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) professional guide for use on Apple™ iPad/iPhone devices.

Now available in an easily accessed and flexible iBook format the OGI professional guide will enable users to quickly gain a greater understanding of optical gas imaging technology and how it can help you find and repair gas leaks quickly, saving time, money, and the environment.

In addition the iBook provides an in-depth look at industrial applications of optical gas imaging, rich video content, details on how OGI and infrared work and expert tips for optimising your OGI surveys.

To download a copy of the OGI Professional iBook Guide visit www.flir.eu/ogi/content/?id=76905  or contact FLIR Systems on [email protected] or +32-3665-5100.

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