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Major Oil & Gas Refinery Upgrades P1 Alarm System

Specialist Safety Instrumentation Systems provider Hima-Sella has received an order for the design, manufacture and installation of an upgrade to a large Norwegian oil and gas refinery’s P1 Alarm system

At the heart of the upgrade will be a HIMA HiQuad H51q Programmable Electronic Systems (PES). It will interface with the refinery’s digital control system and feed all alarm data to a new SCADA HMI; which is based on a dual redundant server in separate locations. Each server will have two screens which can view data from either server. The screens will emulate the existing lamp-driven displays.

The upgrade is being designed to meet not only the end-user’s alarm functionality requirements but also the refinery’s cyber-security needs (and is to be compliant with IEC 62443-3-3).

Eddy Turnock, Hima-Sella’s Sales & Marketing Director, comments: “The purpose of a category P1 alarm system is to protect plant personnel and buildings plus call out first responders. As such, it needs to detect abnormal conditions quickly, in order to give operators the earliest possible notice. It’s also important to avoid false alarms and for the system to be protected against cyber-attacks.”

The P1 Alarm upgrade is currently being built at Hima-Sella’s headquarters in Stockport, with installation and commissioning scheduled for the end of 2015.

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