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Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing

consultancy training

New Short Course

Extend your bulk solids handling knowledge by attending this new course, specifically designed for process engineers.

No previous training is required, if you work in the industry you are qualified to attend.

Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing

Dates: 28 – 29 November 2018
Venue: LPW Technology, Cheshire, UK

This course is organised by the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology in conjunction with LPW Technology, the Fraunhofer IFAM Institute, Bremen and the Knowledge Transfer Network (AM section)

Reason to attend: you will be guided through the critical aspects of powder handling and management for metal and plastics powder-based AM processing

Course topics include:

• Powder recycling and quality issues;
• Contamination and oxidation issues;
• Standards for AM powders;
• Flow behaviour and characterisation of powders;
• Introduction to the handling processes – pneumatic conveying systems, screw feeders, hoppers and silo storage and discharge;

Course Fees: £490 for one-day basic introduction / £765 for 2 day in-depth course featuring quality

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