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Power Control System For Rigours Of Continuous Duty Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

paralleling switchgear

Russelectric to supply ultra-reliable paralleling switchgear for charlotte water

Russelectric, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, announced today that it has been awarded the contract to supply Charlotte Water with paralleling switchgear for their water and wastewater treatment facilities.

The paralleling switchgear will monitor the incoming utility power and in the event of a utility power failure, ensure the transfer of critical emergency backup power to their facility in Charlotte, NC.

Russelectric will engineer and build each of the two generator paralleling control and distribution switchgear systems to control the paralleling operation of three (two present and one future), 4160-volt, three megawatt engine generators.

Each system will be designed to provide utility paralleling operation of the engine generators with the local utility, to provide seamless, uninterrupted transfer of power between the on-site engine generators and the incoming utility service.

The control system, a Russelectric engineered solution for Charlotte Water, will utilise redundant PLC controls and include full manual capabilities that would allow for operation of the system in the unlikely event of a failure of the redundant PLC based controls. Delivery for the initial system is scheduled for late 2018, with the second scheduled for early 2019.

With more than six decades of experience manufacturing and servicing low and medium voltage paralleling switchgear and transfer switches, Russelectric was selected based on its ability to meet the stringent design criteria, delivery schedule and extensive warranty requirement.

“Russelectric manufactures complete systems in-house, with all bus, enclosures, and other structural components fabricated and fully assembled in Russelectric plants here in the US,”

said Stephen McQuaid, Russelectric Switchgear Product Line Manager.

“As standard, we also perform comprehensive factory testing of the complete systems prior to shipment.”

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