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Save Up To 80% Energy Costs With The Micron Pulvis Sub-Micron Mill

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Capable of producing finer particle sizes than a jet mill and with energy consumption typically eighty percent less than other mills, the Pulvis offers an efficient alternative to impact type mills, when it comes to ultra-fine milling.

As a dry agitated bead mill type, the Pulvis offers size reduction without the need for an additional drying phase. In the dry process particles do not re-agglomerate but remain in a dry, free flowing state, saving further energy costs and time.

The mill is located at the bottom of the machine and ground particles are conveyed by air, passing through the grinding chamber to the integrated classifier the operating speed of which determines the fineness of the end product. The classifier separates the required fine product from coarse particles. The coarse particles are returned to the grinding zone.

With the option of ceramic, wear protected grinding and classifying parts the Micron Pulvis is suitable for milling ceramic materials, metal oxides, battery materials, minerals, glass, hydrogen absorbent alloys, magnetic materials, pigments and carbon etc.

Designed for easy access, disassembly and cleaning the machine is well suited to multiple applications and frequent material changes.

Available in a range of sizes from 0.75 kW grinding motor (1.00 kW classifying motor) to 70.0 kW grinding motor (30.0 kW classifying motor) the Pulvis is suitable for test purposes through to fully scaled up production size.

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