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Signatrol Invests In Calibration With New Opti-cal Kit

Opti Cal

Data logging specialists, Signatrol Limited has invested in the calibration service it offers customers with the purchase of a Michell Instruments Opti-Cal.

The new equipment will enable Signatrol to not only calibrate its own data loggers and SpYdaq transmitters but customer instruments or data loggers too, at any humidity point from 10% to 90% at ambient temperatures from +15°C to +50°C.

Signatrol was previously able to calibrate at 11%, 43% and 75% but at ambient temperature. The new Opti-Cal system will now enable Signatrol to increase the number of pieces calibrated at any one time to 20 pcs SL54TH / SL54TH-A, so reducing the time taken to calibrate a large batch and removing the need for setup charges.

For more information www.signatrol.com

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