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Updated Motion Analyser Software Shortens Motion Control System Design Time

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Updated software gives machine builders simpler workflows and improved design efficiency

Rockwell Automation has released an updated version of the Allen-Bradley Motion Analyser software tool. This enhanced software offers an optimised user experience with intuitive navigation and in-workflow product selection. This can help engineers more easily and efficiently develop complete motion control systems for their machines.

Using the Motion Analyser software, engineers can determine a system’s specifications, evaluate multiple products to find the best fit, finalise the design and create a bill of materials. The tool can also help reduce motion-system design time from a multi-day process to a few hours.

“Sizing a motion system can be time consuming,” said Brett McNalley, product manager, motion solutions, Rockwell Automation. “In the latest release of the Motion Analyser software, we have simplified workflows to improve user experience. And we have added additional features that make the process of designing a motion system as efficient as possible.”

Key improvements include faster axis definition and sizing, redesigned solution search and configure components features, additional application template profile support, and the ability to import from a legacy motion profile with support of more advanced motion segments.

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