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White Paper On Dimensional-Weight Pricing Changes

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As dimensional-weight pricing for parcel shipments is on its way to becoming an industry standard, it is important for those businesses that are impacted to prepare for the changes. A new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO explains what businesses need know about dimensional-weight pricing.

Beginning in 2015, UPS and FedEx are changing their pricing structures to use dimensional-weight pricing, a common industry standard, for invoicing all domestically shipped parcels. While the announcement of the change may not have come as a big surprise to the industry, many will be impacted—from shippers and carriers to distribution centers and end customers. Before these changes occur, it is important to prepare to avoid future headaches. METTLER TOLEDO has published a white paper, “Dimensional Weight Pricing—A Winning Strategy for Change Charges,” which explains dimensional-weight pricing and changes companies can make to avoid problems in 2015.

Having accurate dimensions at the time of shipping is absolutely critical. This information is required by the carriers, but data must be accurate and “real-time” to properly invoice the end-user. To ensure proper invoices for all parties, dimensioning, weighing and scanning solutions are essential. The white paper provides an overview of the various technologies on the market, including static and dynamic dimensioners as well as peripherals, such as barcode readers.

A new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO explains how various businesses across the transportation and logistics industry will be impacted, what dimensional-weight pricing is and how to prepare for the changes. It also explains how an investment in dimensioning technology can pay for itself and make transportation and logistics processes easier and more profitable.

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