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Why Natural Fertiliser Helps Keeps Food Costs Down

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The Bucks Herald has again written about country smells after townspeople have complained about a farmer spreading animal manure on his land to increase productivity. The view of the newspaper is that farmers are only doing their jobs when it comes to fertilising their land. Consumers often express that they don’t want farmers to be using chemical fertilisers, and when natural fertilisers are used, such as animal manure, farmers are criticised for it.

The publication goes on to argue that consumers often complain about the price of food, but if farmers failed to fertilise their land to increase production, then food prices would undoubtedly rise. Living in the countryside perhaps then means that enduring the occasional country smell is a fact of life.

Whether farmers use manure to fertilise or not, they no doubt also use liquid fertiliser and this and a number of other chemicals require storing in adequate vertical storage tanks and horizontal tanks. Enduramaxx specialises in supplying a number of tanks designed to store liquid fertiliser in 20,000 litre, 25,000 litre and 30,000 litre capacities.  They also provide tanks to store other agricultural chemicals at optimum condition, as well as manufacturing rainwater tanks, conical cone bottom tank and more.

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