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More Landia Mixers for Jersey’s Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works

landia mixers STW

Landia has won an order from Doosan Enpure to supply and install a Jet Mixing system for the new Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works on the island of Jersey.

Serving a new Tank Import Facility’s buffer tank as part of a £50M-plus upgrade, Landia’s Jet Mix, which includes an 11kW, 1500rpm chopper pump and twin mixing nozzles, will help blend and suspend solids and grit from septic tank loads that at the old plant went straight to the inlet works.

This latest order follows the successful operation at Bellozanne of Landia’s externally-mounted GasMix system, which mixes the plant’s three anaerobic digesters. Doosan Enpure also introduced Landia chopper pumps for three separate sludge tanks. No spare parts have been required since installation almost four years ago.

As MEICA Subcontractor, replacing the existing STW that was built in 1959, Doosan Enpure are working to the States of Jersey Wastewater requirement to meet future environmental standards and a 2035 design horizon.


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