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Round Vibratory Sifter For Plastic Pellets

round vibratory sifter

Production up by 50% due to upgraded sieving technology.

A manufacturer of custom colour concentrate and additives found that it could reach new levels of productivity and growth by turning to innovative advanced separating equipment.

Having previously relied on operator inspection and hand screeners to check the quality of their colour concentrate and additives, Accurate Color & Compounding (ACC) sought a more efficient solution. As a final quality check before drying, ACC trialled the 40” Finex Separator™ from Russell Finex. Pleased with the results, they purchased the machine along with six more.

This round vibratory sifter was chosen as the unique rubber suspension system allows much higher forces to be put into the machine and focuses the majority of the energy on the screen itself.

The adjustable weight system of the vibrator assembly creates a more finely-tuned and vigorous action, significantly raising sieving efficiency and running as standard at 1800 rpm. The new separators have boosted production uptime as well, according to Jason Yelm, Plant Manager.

“They’ve eliminated stoppages in our dryer caused by oversize and reduced the need to change die heads by 30 to 40%, minimising downtime,” he says. “By setting up specific mesh sizes for customers, we provide the exact pellet size they want with every production run; and we let runs go longer since we reliably filter out any undesirably sized pellets.”

To find out more information about the range of screening machines, and how they can be incorporated in your processing lines, please contact us.

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