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Baghouse Performance Monitoring For Reduced Operating Costs

baghouse performance monitoring

For optimum performance, fabric filter baghouses require correct and timely maintenance. ENVEA’s UK business (formerly PCME) manufacture a range of particulate monitoring systems, from simple leak to QAL1 certified measurement instruments providing Process Operators with an improved understanding of their baghouse operation.

Designed to monitor dust releases from single or multiple filter compartment baghouses, sensors installed in the clean gas output of each filter chamber are able to detect leaks as they develop, even down at very low emission concentrations.

Knowing where leaks are developing enables process stoppages and maintenance times to be scheduled saving time and resources by highlighting which bags require changing prior to potential emission limit excursions.

In addition, ENVEA now provide sensors to warn of hopper blockages, often a cause of bag filter abrasion and which can potentially result in explosions within the filter. For Combustion applications which require sorbent injection such as lime or activated carbon, PicoFlow sensors are available to measure the quantity of injected sorbent.

Ensuring the correct amount is injected maintains acidic conditions in the filter at the desired level preventing costly damage to the baghouse and also helps to prevent sorbent over usage and consequent wastage.

Further details of ENVEA’s range of Particulate Emission and Solids Flow instrumentation can be found at www.enveauk.global

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