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Ensure Quality Drinking Water Supply with Mobile Filtration Units

mobile filtration units

Amazon Filters has published a case study describing development and supply of a bespoke enclosed mobile filtration system for a major municipal supplier to ensure the quality of their drinking water supply.

In times of environmental stress, such as extended periods of hot weather or heavy rainfall, boreholes are at increased risk of producing water with high turbidity. To eliminate the chance of sub-standard water reaching householders, and to avoid the significant fines and negative publicity arising from such a scenario, the municipal water supplier sought a filtration solution that could integrate with their existing pipework.

After careful assessment of possible solutions, the municipal water supply company chose a bespoke solution for borehole water treatment using Amazon Filters DWI Regulation 31 compliant SupaSpun II filtration technology.

One of the key issues at the borehole sites was limited accessibility and physical space. As a consequence, standard off-the-shelf contained filtration systems were not an option. Amazon Filters bespoke solution was to design compact, yet fully functional enclosed mobile filtration units that once on site could be simply connected to the system and used immediately to treat and ensure the quality of a water supply flow requirement of 1.5 – 5 million litres per day.

To provide enough sufficient cover to ensure the water quality at nine borehole sites – Amazon Filters was commissioned to supply four enclosed mobile filtration units with interconnecting pipework and isolating valves. The housings for these enclosed filtration units were designed to take 40-inch SupaSpun II R31 cartridges and were also fitted with internal lighting and heating to help ensure safety and convenience when operated on site and minimise any engineering required to install the system.

For a copy of this case study or for further information on DWI Regulation 31 compliant SupaSpun II filtration technology to protect the quality of your water supply please contact Amazon Filters on +44-(0)1276-670600 / [email protected].


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