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As you know a direct link to your website from another high-quality website is held with high regard by Google and is excellent for your SEO.

We also understand that having many outgoing links and few incoming links is not a good combination.

As a news publisher we publish 100's of articles every month, and if we were to have outbound links on all those articles it will significantly reduce our own SEO strength.

Therefore we add what is known as a 'no follow' link to all article urls on the website.

This tells search engines to not follow the link(s), therefore not pass any SEO-juice to the linked to website.

However, the link does still direct to your own site, but please note this will not show in your analytics, which is why you will not see much referral traffic from us.

You can test this by looking at the article here

If you mouse over the link at the bottom you will see at the bottom of the screen it displays where the url is directed to - see the screen shot below:

PII url link policy

In this instance the link goes to

If you click on this it will redirect to the correct page.

For our Platinum members we make the link 'do-follow' so that it is recognised by search engines - this is a premium service for those serious about their SEO.

We track exactly how many click-throughs each link in every article receives, and we provide detailed monthly reports to our Gold & Platinum members, making it easy to monitor what's popular, and whats not.

The report looks similar to this:

url tracking report

For further details about our Gold & Platinum memberships, visit our 'Advertise with us' page



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